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Getting started is Easy

Getting started is easy

Simply press 'Connect' and the app will automatically discover and connect via Bluetooth to your timer.

Programming Your Workouts is Even Easier

Programming your workouts is even easier

Choose your timer mode, tap on the options to configure your workout and when you're ready, press the 'Start' button to begin.

Programming Your Workouts is Even Easier
6 timer modes

10 timer modes

There are seven built-in standard timer modes to choose from: Standard, Round, Interval, Tabata, EMOM, Multi-Segment and Lap Timer. Plus 3 more additional timer modes: Shot Clock, RAM Squash, and Beep Test.

Tons of Flexibility

Tons of flexible programming options

Each mode has numerous configuration options so that you can program virtually any timer scheme.

Tons of Flexibility
Save Your Favorites

Name and save your favorites

Save named workouts for instant recall and swift transitions or plan your workouts in advance and have your sequences setup before you even arrive at the gym.

Integrate HR Tracking

Integrate HR tracking into your workout

With a bluetooth HR monitor, you can incorporate HR tracking and notification into your workout. See your HR on the LED display or be notified when you enter or exit your target heart rate zone.

Integrate HR Tracking
Share Your Favorites

Share your favorites

Share your timers with training partners and coworkers over email, text or FB post.

Run Multiple Timers

Run multiple timers from one device

The Flex Timer app can track multiple workouts at a time from the multi-timer screen.

Run Multiple Timers
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Note: Some device restrictions apply. Device must support BluetoothLE and must be running iOS 11.0+ or Android 5.0+